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Diaphragm Pump

D - 25

DELT Air Operated (Pneumatic) Double Diaphragm Pump is a positive displacement pump, adopting compress air, smoke and industry exhaust gas as power source.It has two diaphragms, the compressed air come to the pump body to drive the pump in the constant action of sucking and releasing, so it can pump the liquids easily by this principle. Also it is very safe in dangerous environment since it has no electric motor.  DELT air operated double diaphragm pumps can not only transfer the flow liquid, but also can transfer some uneasy flowed medium, with the merits of self-priming pump, diving pump, shield pump, slurry pump and impurity pump etc.

Working Principle : Double Diaphragms, Pneumatic

Main applications : Oil, Water, Chemical, etc.

Driver : Air Operated

Max.permissible fluid temperature : 150°C(302°F)

Type of connection : Flange, Thread, Quick coupled

Installation position : Connect to compressor

Casing parts material : Aluminium, PVDF, PTFE linning

Size : 1 inch

Capacity : 0 - 2.4 cubic meter / Hr.

Head : 0 - 60 m.

Suction head : 7 m.

Max Grain Dia. (mm) : 2.5 

Air Pressure (Kgf/cm2) : 7 

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